Eat Japanese and Chinese- Black Popiah


After insistence on the standard, original, traditional, it has also delved into the wild track of the novel. The Chomp Chomp popiah or more correctly I-Chai Food Speciality has fillings, sauce lace or wrappings that are edible and now found on what is still called a popiah/kueh pie ti.

Sushi Popiah (SGD 3.00)

In terms of taste and texture, it feels like eating the japanese creation, the savoury aroma of the seaweed skin encompassing the dish with the breath of sea, dealt between layers of crisp and dry. It juxtaposes with the 2nd skin inside, the fragrant flour popiah skin, something different yet familiar. Overall, in one big gulp, it is juicy and sauce sweet, the fillings flavourful giving a sense of abundance. Look, there is egg scrambles, steamed turnip in sauce, small carrots, bean sprouts, lettuce, fried shallots and the sauce. The whole-set traditional.

One in black and one in white. The popiah zen, giving it a contemporary, wanting-to-be-prominent feel. Just that one never thought that black could be japanese.

P.S. At Chomp Chomp, you can also get transparent popiah (rice paper), (inner)green kueh pie ti (wasabi sauce), and chicken floss, Japanese octopus kueh pie tee, inner yellow popiah (cheese).